My Hands

Meanwhile, back on the farm . . .

Rolled my various blogs back into one. It will be easier this way. I’ve been concentrating more on arts and crafts than on writing, so the blog’s focus has switched somewhat, and most of the entries will be geared towards the tangible. I’ve left up most of the past entries, so if you’re looking for my words, they’re In My Head. No seriously – that’s the category they’re in. 😉

Many of the things I’ve been knitting, crocheting, tacking, sewing, gluing, and painting are available for purchase. You can shop via Etsy or Facebook. If shopping via Facebook, simply message me there to place your order. I accept Paypal (worldwide) or e-transfer (Canada-only). All prices quoted are Canadian funds. I’ll consider barter on some items – I’m always looking for materials and supplies, so if you have a set of 2.25 mm 80 cm circulars, I’ll trade you those for a hat or a pair of socks, for example.

I need to start generating an income because pensions don’t cover all of life’s necessities. Both physical and mental health issues preclude working outside the home. I have considered renting my spare room but for the reasons already mentioned, that’s probably not a good idea. So, selling hand-crafted items seems a good option, if it works. Every now and then I think about getting back to writing professionally but at this point the only thing I want to do is edit the work of others, and from what I’ve observed lately, no one really cares about spelling or syntax. “Stop being such a Grammar Nazi. Don’t be so pedantic. You know what I meant.” This attitude seems to have spilled over into many of the widely read publications, both digital and hard copy, and copy editors seem to be becoming extinct. So, I knit, I crochet, and hope this will become a small source of income to add to its other, less financially lucrative benefits!

To help deal with my anxiety and depression, I have an unofficial therapy dog who I have a difficult time leaving at home no matter where I go. Even if he was an “official” therapy dog, they aren’t legally protected, so I cannot take him everywhere in any case. Not that I go many places; one of my mental health issues is Social Anxiety which can and does manifest itself in a myriad of ways. I can usually disguise my distress quite well, having had a lifetime of practise – my ability to draw into myself for years has had others considering me ‘aloof,’ or ‘a snob.’ It was always less complicated to agree with those assessments than to explain any different. Any time I did, I was mocked more than understood by the people whose understanding I needed the most.

Anyway I don’t know why I said all that. Probably because there are times when it’s easier for me to speak into the abyss of the Internet than to talk to an actual person. Especially when I’m working on ‘stuff’ in my head.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂