My Hands

Lacy Sofa Throw

I had some antique recycled fingering yarn I thought would make a nice shawl, so I hunted for a pattern that would help me focus on counting rows and stitches – knitting something as large as a shawl with such thin-ply yarn in monotonous back and forth style would put me to sleep. I needed something to keep me awake and working. I found the perfect pattern at Purl Soho.

I’m happy with the result, mistakes and all. I’m always proud of myself after having completed a large project. Even if my first try at this pattern actually turned out to be more suitable as a sofa throw or baby blanket. heh heh

I’ve already started a new one, and have adjusted the pattern to work better with my particular knitting style. If at first you don’t succeed, buy fresher lemons! 😉bamboo-wedding-white-03bamboo-wedding-white-04