My Head

Stealthy Teeth

So I had to run a couple of errands after my dentist appointment this afternoon. I’m stumbling around, left side of my face frozen and feeling like it’s sticking out past my shoulder, and holding my hand up to hide my stupid lopsided grin (just try to smile with a half-frozen face). I was determined to avoid all eye contact.

Yeah. That went well. First person I see looks me right in the eye, an employee who’s been at that store as long as I’ve lived here. I don’t think we’ve ever exchanged words, and for some reason (I don’t even know myself) I do all I can to avoid him. Could be because my son told me once a couple of years ago that he’d noticed any time he was with me at the grocer, this guy would stare at me. All the time. Anyway, why my stupid eyes chose today of all days to meet his gaze head-on with my drooping, slobbering, post-dentist visit mouth is, I freely admit, far beyond the powers of my limited comprehension. A comprehension further limited, I might add, by the fact I’d just spent the past hour with my mouth wedged open like some fledgling porn star.

But wait. There’s more.

I make my escape from the grocery store and am almost at the door to the pharmacy. There’s another man, and he’s a few feet away getting on his bicycle. I’ve seen this man around, but again, have never exchanged words, only a polite nod in passing as I do with all recognisable faces. But today he spoke to me. He said “How are you?” I said “I am wonderful thank you.” Then he tells me “You look really nice today.”

I don’t know what Dr. Kuruganti put in my smile today, but maybe he should bottle and sell that shit.