My Hands

Sweating it out . . .

Still plugging away at this sweater. It’s an over-sized sweater – even though it’s a simple stockinette stitch with nothing fancier than the occasional colour change, it is a large project with a significant amount of monotony. I have to break things up otherwise I get anxious and restless, which defeats the purpose of knitting, for me. ‘Break things up’ means – you guessed it – starting more projects. 

I kept them small so I could get back to The Sweater. As if that was going to work. I made a bunch of baby booties, and then compounded my sweater shirking by making the decision to add some fun notions and things to the booties.

Since I am trying to regain control, I have told myself that not all the booties need to have bunny ears. But then I started having visions of little beaded laces or ribbons, and a few sequins here and there . . .  if I keep going they won’t be advisable for children under 12 years of age. 

I just have one sleeve left to complete and that sweater will be complete. Unless I decide to add a hood . . . .