My Hands

Two Weeks’ Worth

Despite my growing stack of works-in-progress, I continue to cast more stitches on more needles. Maybe I should get rid of some of my knitting needles . . . except that causes as much of a wave of anxiety as the thought of giving away any of my yarn stash. I don’t even like throwing away the little leftover ends from trimming. I’ll use those for stitch holders if they’re long enough, and if they aren’t even long enough to use as doll clothes stitch holders, I use them for stitch markers provided I can still tie them in a knotted loop. I am a thrifty knitter, Sam I am.

I approach the holiday season with anxiety, and the click-clicking of my trusty aluminum circulars. The more anxious I get, the more stitches I cast on. I even have little notebooks scattered around the house to jot down ideas. I figure if I can cast them out, I can eventually cast them on my needles.

Or they could end up in a pile of W-I-P . . . .

Here are a few of the things I’ve managed to finish in the past couple of weeks:

Little fitted pink jacket with three tiny silver snaps, a dark grey sweater with pink buttons, a scarlet knee-length pencil skirt, and two beanies; one burgundy and one charcoal.
“Stella” has pebbles in her back feet so she doesn’t tip over!
Red pullover, matching red and white bermudas, and a little bell pepper hat
The shorts have rows added so she can sit without her bum sticking out 😉
Little pink bunny with colourful wrap coat and a hat with holes for her ears. Ears are lined with pipe cleaners for bendability
. . . and a big poofy tail!