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Bindi’s Bounty

AKA: The Propagation of Pleasantview

Bindi Crocker’s latest love child has blown the lid off what was once a well-kept family secret. As a result, the Crocker household was recently decimated when Kiki Crocker, along with baby Zuma, was told to “find her own place.”

baby-zumaPleasantview forefathers and mothers knew it was a risk to invite the Crockers to the neighbourhood. It was a risk the Council was willing to take. Both Crockers had shown a tendency towards propagation, however Bindi was so fecund even Elvis the Zombie Nanny managed to come back to life long enough to produce offspring.

Which is when Bartholomew discovered his wife was being used as a baby mama for the whole freaking community. He hacked the town’s communal memory banks and found out Kiki was actually the progeny of Daniel Pleasant. Bartholomew loves his family, and although he considers the girls his own,┬áZuma makes it a constant in-your-face situation, so as soon as Kiki did her Adult spin and poof, he gave her a computer and her trust fund and sent her on her way with her baby sister.

Kiki bought some property right across the street. She wanted to be close to her family, so that her mom doesn’t have to waddle too far to snuggle with her girls. You see, Bindi is pregnant again (Bartholomew is crossing his fingers) and it’s still one big relatively happy family.