My Hands

Odds & Ends

Little crocheted ‘beanbag’ pumpkin filled with popcorn kernels. About the size of a hacky sack but not meant to be used as one! 😉

Although I have a mountain of complete and untouched skeins of yarn, I don’t want to dig into it yet, and so I’ve been using up the half-finished and almost-finished rolls in the baskets I use for yarn odds and ends.

My craft room is once again a mess; I am Pigpen acting out my part in a Peanuts skit filled with hot glue guns, beads, buttons, yarn, scraps of paper and material, and a bunch of ideas all clamoring for dibs on my time. It’s exhausting I tell you.

Some people will tell you that knitting/crocheting is a soothing activity for those prone to panic and anxiety. I am one of them, and the number of projects I have on the go at any given time is a good indication of how stressed I am. The pictures you see here are only the items I’ve managed to complete so far this month; I have more on the go! *sigh*